123 – How to GM the Environment

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NPCs and monsters are one thing, but what about a game’s environment, how should a GM handle that? Should dust storms and floods be confined to flavor, or should they inflict serious penalties. What about hunger and thirst? Join us this week for a discussion on what to do with your campaign’s environment. Wes poses questions about which environment types are best. Chris talks about how using miniatures can improve your game. Oren reveals that his preferred obstacle is a wall made of brownies. Om nom nom.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

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Mouse Guard


Leaving the Dungeon Crawl Behind 

The One Ring


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  1. C. R. Rowenson

    As a player, I always like it when things can become three dimensional. Enemies in the trees, on a ridge above us, archers peaking out of windows, or gunmen on the second story balcony. That kind of thing.

    I love gaming maps and perked right up when the topic came ’round. Where do you guys prefer to get your maps? Do any of you create your own? What software do you use?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I’m really bad at maps so mostly I just do basic sketches in google drawings.

      • C. R. Rowenson

        Fair enough. I just get excited about maps. They’re so pretty. I’ve slowly been learning to use Campaign Cartographer, but I still haven’t put enough time into it yet.

  2. Fay Onyx

    For people who want female characters that aren’t designed in a super sexist way, there is now Hero Forge where you can create your own in their modeling system. (They use a variety of techniques with 3D printing). I got my character from them and I’m pretty satisfied. I think it cost about $25 which is expensive if you need a lot of minis, but if it is just one character for a long running game, then it becomes something many people could afford. https://www.heroforge.com/

    Also, beware the brownie golum. Once you have encountered it you will never even want to see a brownie wall again.

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