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10 – Last Stand

Star wars space ships

Photo of Dreadnaught model by Jonathan Letham, included in this piece with permission.

This post is 10 in the series: Last Ship of the Republic

The exciting conclusion of Last Ship of the Republic! Will our heroes triumph in their battle against the evil Empire? Will their efforts all be for naught? Will Captain Pinok ever get a chance to have a fist fight? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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  1. SandstormSinger

    It was so fun to listen to the whole story, and I honestly learned so much from listening to a style of roleplaying different from the one I’m used to! Are you planning on doing another podcast campaign like this any time soon? I really enjoy the way you use the actual play podcast to tell a serious story.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Hey, glad you enjoyed the story. We don’t have any plans for more at the moment because recording and editing a game demands a lot of time from a lot of people, but if we get enough interest we could be persuaded to do another. So tell your friends!

  2. K

    Great story. I thoroughly enjoyed and hope you guys will be doing another sometime.

  3. Prince Infidel

    Hi. In the past few months I’ve started following this blog & became really enamored with it. I came across this campaign while searching your archives & fell in love instantly. Having listened to it I was wondering if you would be okay with me using it as the basis for my own Star Wars campaign with my own group?

  4. Bellis

    Oh wow, I really really loved this whole campain so much! I’ve listened to it at least 4 times already and am trying to get all my friends to listen too!

    Would it be possible to get a transcript of this? I know it’s a lot because there are 10 really long episodes, but one of my friends who is a huge star wars fan and roleplayer can’t listen to audio content and might really benefit from transcripts. I hope it’ll be possible!

    But back to what I loved about this series, I don’t know where to start, I loved all the characters, especially the aliens and droids and that the droids where nonbinary and alien races and cultures were shown to have diversity within them! I loved the setting and the plot and the humour while still being serious overall!

    I think what I most enjoyed was the nuance. Not only did all the characters feel three-dimensional and real and memorable (and oddly likeable as the case may be) but the challanges often had to do with making difficult decisions and judgements along blurry lines from freedom fighter to terrorist. I thought it was very well handled!

    The roleplaying was also amazing, the character interactions, the speeches, the way the pcs were true to their characterisations while developing over the course of the campain! great stuff! I especially find myself going back to the conversation between Colonel Gran and Captain Messin in episode 2, because I hate myself and want to be miserable no seriously that was so moving.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I’m so glad you like it, thanks for all the praise! I was really happy with how that campaign went, especially the climax. And a transcript of it is something I would deeply love to have, but we just don’t have the resources for it right now. These are especially difficult to transcribe because of the many speakers, as we didn’t always do a great job of not speaking over each other. But if a volunteer is interested in working on this campaign I would totally welcome it.

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