Podcast: Roleplaying Session

1 – The Dismaying Return

Star wars space ships

Photo of Dreadnaught model by Jonathan Letham, included in this piece with permission.

This post is 1 in the series: Last Ship of the Republic
Behold the Last Ship of the Republic, a podcast recording of our Star Wars roleplaying campaign. Listen as we definitely don’t rip off Battlestar Galactica with our story of a single warship fighting for survival against all odds. In this first session, our heroes return from a deep space mission to find a galaxy that’s been forever changed by the Empire.

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  1. Samus

    Awesome episode and an interesting variation from the usual great content. Looking forward to more sessions like this in the future.

    2 issues I noticed during the episode though. The audio quality was not the best. Often sounded like people were talking out of mugs and had to turn volume way up to understand some people.

    The other thing was that the story often felt a little overly directed by Oren. It’s understandable when it’s the start of a new game and the GM is trying to create backstory quickly as well as voicing like 20 different characters. Not ragging on you for it, but it feels odd, especially when compared to other RPG podcasts like Drunks & Dragons and the wildness.

    Also, if you’re not already reading it, I recommend you check out Darths An Droids webcomic. It’s the story of all the movies if they were played as reskined D&D. If nothing else, may give you some jokes to use or points to argue in future podcasts

    • Chris Winkle

      Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying our new experiment. We did our best with the audio, but no, it isn’t where we’d like it to be. Turns out recording five people around a table is more difficult than recording three people right in front of a mic.

      Most recorded roleplay is pretty silly – like darths and droids – we decided to try a different tack with this one. We’ll see how it goes.

      • Samus

        Not saying you guys have to be over the top silliness all the time. It just seemed odd. compared to previous expierences, how much control Oren as GM had over the characters decisions. There were times it sounded like he was the one playing the the PC’s and you guys were just rolling and voicing them.

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