1 – Mike, Emily and Oren Reveal Their Geekiest Secrets

The Mythcreant Podcast

In this introduction to the Mythcreant Podcast, our hosts discuss how they came to be geeks, tout their greatest geek achievements, and prepare for the battle over which roleplaying system should rule them all.

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  1. Renha

    Hey! Is there a way to return older (<100th) episodes to at least some of the subscription lists? First they disappeared at iTunes, now they couldn't be found anywhere except direct links which I couldn't listen on my iPhone

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Unfortunately, we can’t have more than 100 episodes on our feed because it crashes smaller players. That’s just a technical limit we aren’t able to overcome. The best option for listening to the older podcasts is to directly download them through the site.

      • Renha

        Thank you for answer! Unfortunately, listening podcast episodes via files basically fails on iPhone: it shows webpage with tiny player with single play/pause button alone, and you couldn’t leave the page or turn phone screen off, otherwise audio would be stopped.

        That’s why I’ve recreated podcast feed from webpages using Python script (http://labs.umbrosia.ru/mythgen.py). It took about two working days, but finally static feed file was created (http://labs.umbrosia.ru/legacy-rss.xml). As you suggested, podcast audio files are directly downloaded through the site.

        I’m gonna use it privately, but if someone would find the link somehow I need to change podcast info so it would be clear that feed isn’t official in any way, also that this is legacy feed (may be not updated ever again), and also that users with smaller players should directly download older podcasts through the site.

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