Mythcreants is possible thanks to the skill and generosity of our team, most of whom volunteer their time. While the main team members are listed below in seniority order, this is by no means everyone who has made significant contributions.

Chris Winkle

Founder, Editor in Chief

Chris started Mythcreants in 2013 to better understand how stories work. She creates conceptual models to explain how audiences respond to stories and coins terms to make stories easier to discuss. Chris is a content editor of fiction and nonfiction and has a background in web design and development. When she manages to escape from chronic workaholism, she plays the wire harp, cuddles her kitties, and holds tea parties.

Oren Ashkenazi

Editor, Production Manager

Oren oversees the production of Mythcreants’ diverse set of content. On the blog, he applies storytelling theory to the messy and complex reality of writing and editing a story. As the primary content editor for hire, Oren consults on novels, screenplays, comics, and roleplaying materials. He has a BA in fiction writing and history from Evergreen State College and a certificate in editing from the University of Washington. In his spare time, Oren writes fiction, runs RPG campaigns, and grumbles about plot holes.

Ariel Anderson

Senior Copy Editor

As the seniormost copy editor, Ariel mentors other editors. When not editing for the blog, Ariel works as the copy editor for hire. Experienced with fiction, roleplaying manuals, academic writing, technical writing, and poetry, Ariel earned her BA in creative writing at the University of Central Arkansas and has an editing certificate from the University of Washington. When she’s not diving into her favorite YA speculative fiction, she’s walking her dog or knitting.

Wesley Matlock

Senior Copy Editor, Podcast Host

Wesley edits content for the blog and co-hosts The Mythcreant Podcast with Chris and Oren. He has a teaching and literary background, works as a product manager at his day job, and edits manuscripts on the side. When not working with words or people, he’s out in urban forests leading restoration projects or at home in the garden listening to the plants whisper secrets.

Ari Ashkenazi

D&D Blogger

Ari is a generalist nerd and all-around game enthusiast. His goal is to become the very best, like no one ever was. Although his main focus is on multiplayer PC games like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, he’s always happy for some old-fashioned tabletop adventures like Legend of the Five Rings or Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. He has many opinions and is always happy to share them, backed up with not just mere facts but cold hard speculation.

Eileen Johnson

Accounting Manager

Eileen uses her many years of experience in business process improvement and data analysis to help Mythcreants manage sales and payments. A photographer and digital artist, she also created the purple planet graphic used in brand materials. When she isn’t out appreciating the beauty and wonder of the natural world, Eileen enjoys playing the piano, watching her favorite musicians on YouTube, and spending time with her three grandkids.


Comic Illustrator, Production Assistant

Bunny made her first appearance on the site as a frequent commenter and now helps the team with production work. She is an aspiring author, amateur artist, and avid role-player. Chances are she’s either currently immersed in an elaborate RPG illustration, watching a video essay about something trivial, or up to her neck in college homework. Bunny will emerge from her study den with the promise of freshly baked treats, discussion of dragons, or Mystery Science Theater.

Svend Phillips

Audio Editor, Production Assistant

Svend is an amateur author, audio editor, and college student with a supreme distaste for vegetables. Don’t ask her about Magic: The Gathering unless you want your ear talked off. She denies that her habit of waking up at 6 AM is evidence of being an alien. She splits her time between epic music, video games, and anything to do with dragons that she can get her hands on.

Alexa Johnson

Business Assistant

Alexa is a former elementary school teacher, turned stay at home mom, turned business assistant for Mythcreants. A resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, she is a mother to two sweet young children. She enjoys creating analytical reports that help Mythcreants grow and succeed. 


Copy Editor, Production Assistant

Darian came across Mythcreants while questing for advice on playing a disabled D&D character and stuck around for advice on fiction writing. Now, he is a junior copy-editor and production helper. Darian has an academic background in religion and library science and a practical background in landscaping and ecological restoration work; he hopes to add an editing certificate in the near future. Darian is an enthusiastic amateur singer and flautist. He spends the rest of his free time buried in stories, whether reading, writing, or roleplaying.

Peter Schaefer

Copy Editor

Here is a guy: Shoeless Pete
Whose short tales and games can’t be beat.
His game is for sale
But none want his tale
So he’s sharing it out, tweet by tweet.


Copy Editor, Audio Editor

A person with shoulder length brown hair and brown feathered wings, smiling slightly..

Avery is a copy editor and audio editor for the blog, as well as a full-blown linguistics nerd. When not at uni, Avery can most likely be found in any hobbyist wakeboarder’s natural habitat: some loch in the middle of nowhere. Failing that, Avery will either be off writing fantasy murder mysteries or trying to convince anyone who’ll listen to check out the latest additions to the 70-hour-long monstrosity friends call ‘the longest playlist on Earth.’