No Story Is Perfect

The first step to improving anything is admitting that it can be improved. This can be difficult because we often follow the subconscious belief that a story must be perfect to be valuable. At Mythcreants, we strive not only to reveal how our favorite works are flawed but also to validate the enjoyment of stories no matter how flawed they are. 

Storytelling Is Learned

Fiction writing has a long cultural legacy of rejecting intellectual understanding in favor of relying on the subconscious to generate “great” works. This culture of Romanticism sets writers up to fail, and it makes us feel that when we do fail, it’s because we aren’t good enough. Mythcreants seeks to dispel such ideas by showing that stories can be understood intellectually and that storytelling is a craft everyone can learn.

Stories Matter

The stories we tell have a real impact on our audience and our greater culture, and that impact is not always what we wish it was. At Mythcreants, we believe ethics are an essential part of any storytelling education. We encourage storytellers to consider the implications of their storytelling choices and offer instruction on reducing harmful messages and cultivating positive ones.

People Are Equal

We live in an oppressive world and work in an elitist industry. In such an environment, the pressure to echo the most powerful voices and ignore the most marginalized ones is strong. At Mythcreants, we work to speak truth to power, validate those who have been devalued, and listen to those who have been disregarded.