How Can I Get the Same Obsession I Had With a Previous Story?

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I’ve been working on a writing project for some time now, but because it wasn’t working—well, I liked it, but the amount of storylines and characters, among some other stuff, finally persuaded me to set it down for the time being.

Now, I’ve started on a new one, one better suited for my current writing abilities. But, I don’t… like it as much? I mean, I’m satisfied with several characters, and that there’s one overarching villain, and the world building is okay but I’m still working on it. But, I was wondering, how do I get the same almost-obsession that I had with my previous one?



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282 – Middlegame

The Mythcreant Podcast

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How to Send a Message With Your Story

The tortoise smiles as it passes the sleeping hare

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