Five Reasons to Play Roleplaying Games

Here at Mythcreants, we write a lot about how you can get more fun out of your game. This is great for veteran players, but not everyone is a veteran player. Some people haven’t experienced an RPG at all, which is why a reader recently sent us a question asking why we play them.

This question stumped me for longer than I’d care to admit. When you’ve lived and breathed roleplaying games for years, it can be hard to articulate why you enjoy them so much. “They’re just fun!” I was tempted to say, but that’s not going to persuade anyone who doesn’t already own a bag of plastic polyhedrals. With the rise of shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, more people than ever have been exposed to tabletop roleplaying, so it behooves veterans like myself to represent the hobby as best we can. If you’re considering your first campaign, or know someone who is, here are some reasons to take the plunge.

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When to Narrate a Villain’s Point of View

Through a doorway, Barty Crouch Jr kneels by Voldemort's char

Most writers know that their important protagonists should have the lion’s share of viewpoint scenes. However, some stories need another point of view to communicate information the protagonists don’t know. Often, that point of view comes from the primary antagonist. Unfortunately, using a villain’s point … read more »


Kelly and the Goblins

Conventional room with furnishings that are crooked, upside down, or at odd angles

Kelly emerged from the bathroom to discover all the furniture was upside down. Oh god, how could she fix this mess before John got back with his parents? He’d freak. He had planned every aspect of their visit precisely. He specified that the house had to be in perfect order and told her to wear the most conservative dress in her closet. But while she slaved over every eyelash, something had vandalized her careful preparations. Read more »