Yes, Mythcreants Was Attacked This Morning

Lex working on hacking while Tim watches in the background.

Unfortunately, there were no dinosaurs that we could find.

Hi fans and followers!

If you visited our site this morning, you might have noticed that you were redirected to some other weird place. That’s because our site was hacked. Luckily, we noticed it pretty soon, and we have lots of backups. So the site was only down for a couple hours, and it has been cleaned and secured. Some of your recent comments were lost; we’re sorry about that.

Most hacks don’t actually leave the target website inaccessible, as that’s not to the hacker’s advantage. Plus, we don’t have any sensitive data stored in the site for them to steal – we have some email addresses, but that’s about it. It was clear this hacker was more interested in taking Mythcreants down than actually profiting from the attack.

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