The One Ring Is a Mixed Bag

Heroes in battle against orcs.

Roleplaying in Middle-earth has a long history, both in homebrew mods and in licensed games. The most recent official entry is The One Ring, by Cubicle 7. These are the same people who’ve brought us the Doctor Who and Laundry Files roleplaying games, so they … read more »

Five Systems Built Around Meta Currency

You’ve been roleplaying a diplomat and really getting into character. You want eternal enemies to put aside their differences, but the dice just won’t deliver. If only your good roleplaying could pay off with some extra oomph to your roll. Fortunately, many systems have such … read more »

Six Types of Players, and How to Direct Them

Lots of articles out there* talk about different types of problem players and how to address them. That’s a worthy topic, but the vast majority of players are rarely disruptive enough to count as a “problem.” Instead, most players will have distinct strengths and weaknesses … read more »

Five More Convoluted Rules in Roleplaying Games

Some weeks back, we talked about convoluted roleplaying rules–rules that are complicated without providing depth. We didn’t get to all of them, not even close. These rules are surprisingly common problems in roleplaying games. Let’s look at the next batch of offenders, shall we? Read more »

Five Bad Defenses of Bad Roleplaying Games

You may remember our discussion about the flawed arguments people make in defense of their favorite stories. After exhaustive research,* I’ve discovered that people do the same thing for roleplaying games. I understand this desire. I know my blood boils whenever someone bad-mouths Mouse Guard. … read more »