Six Tips for Running a Ship-Based Campaign


Arr, me hearties. Gather round, for tis time for a yarn about adventure on the high seas! No wait, I promise to stop talking like a pirate if you’ll keep reading. No doubt most of you are familiar with the traditional structure of roleplaying games: … read more »

Six Design Continuums in Roleplaying Games

The phases of the moon.

When designing a roleplaying game, many elements are neither wholly good nor wholly bad. Instead, they exist on a long scale, or continuum. Going towards one end or another of that continuum has both advantages and disadvantages, as does sticking to the middle. Where a game … read more »

100 – Action RPGs

The Mythcreant Podcast

Roll for initiative: it’s time to talk about action systems in roleplaying games. This week we are joined by special guest David, a veteran of many a dragon fight. We discuss the difference between realistic systems and abstract systems, how tactical combat should be, and how much … read more »

90 – GMing for Beginners

The Mythcreant Podcast

The game master has a lot of responsibilities. They choose the system, they stay up late planning the story, they help the players come up with character concepts. It’s intimidating to the inexperienced, but it doesn’t have to be. Join us this week as Mike … read more »

Why the Game Master Should Be In Charge

A mini stands atop a large D20, speaking to a crowd

Honestly, this is not a topic I ever expected to discuss. For most of my GMing career, the discussion has been about how to prevent game masters from abusing their power and how to encourage players to be more active participants in this grand bit of … read more »