96 – Scifi Films With Something to Say, Part II

The Mythcreant Podcast

We did this topic once before, but it turns out there are a LOT of scifi movies out there, and most of them have something to say about something. Joined once again by special guest Graham, we learn firsthand just why Chris thinks life will not, uh, find a way, no matter how many dinosaurs you put on the screen. We also talk about the long list of movies that have poor messages, intentional or otherwise. Plus Oren and Graham have a word-brawl to the death (mostly) over the the intent and interpretation of WALL-E. Who wins? What are they even fighting about? You’ll never know unless you listen.     


Five Characters With Too Much Spinach

Harry Kim looking puzzled as he is shot.

No, this is not an article about Popeye the Sailor Man.* Rather, spinach is anything that humiliates a character or tarnishes their image as a cool badass in the audience’s eyes. It can take the form of a character failing to save their loved one, getting … read more »


Six Subversive Heroes for Stand Out Stories


Today’s popular stories pick most of their heroes from the same narrow group of people, reinforcing destructive stereotypes and stripping characters of interesting variation. But storytellers get a silver lining: we have an easy opportunity to make our heroes stand apart by subverting convention. To get started, take some worthy people who … read more »


The Why & How of Character Motivation

In Gothika (2003), Dr. Miranda Grey has to care for one of her patients, find the meaning behind her visions, and prove she didn't kill her husband.

A critical part of developing any character is giving them motivation. Unfortunately, that’s not always as simple as it seems. The motivation has to be compelling and believable while working with the story at large. Let’s talk more about motivation and how you can get it … read more »