102 – Stories of Skilled Foreshadowing

The Mythcreant Podcast

What’s this? The Mythcreants Podcast is joined by a new guest host, and he just appeared out of nowhere! This week, Wes joins Oren and Chris to discuss works with strong foreshadowing — or at least that was the plan. Our hosts manage to get just a little past the halfway point before they also start talking about stories with bad foreshadowing, just to provide some contrast, of course. They examine the different facets of foreshadowing and how it is applied in both old words and new. They consider how POV affects foreshadowing and then lay down some foreshadowing of their own regarding next week’s episode. Of course you’ll have to listen to find out what it is.

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Six Steps to a Subversive Surprise

A lady says farewell to a knight

Storytellers can’t control the expectations their audience brings to a tale. After consuming countless stories where the male and female lead hook up, people will anticipate similar romances in future works. Unfortunately, defying expectations like these can make the audience feel like the storyteller broke their promises. Luckily, we have a solution for … read more »


How to Craft a Character-Driven Story

Lady Macbeth telling her husband what's what.

Some stories focus on big external conflicts to drive them and use a relatively blank protagonist as the audience’s vessel. But others try to make the protagonist as vivid as possible, trusting them to drive the story. The character has some intense desire or critical … read more »


100 – Action RPGs

The Mythcreant Podcast

Roll for initiative: it’s time to talk about action systems in roleplaying games. This week we are joined by special guest David, a veteran of many a dragon fight. We discuss the difference between realistic systems and abstract systems, how tactical combat should be, and how much … read more »


Choosing Your Story’s Perspective

A large sculpture mimicking a scene with distance

The choice of perspective has important ramifications for a story. The best perspective will be the one that reinforces the goals of the story, matches the writer’s skill set, and feels invisible to the audience. I’ll describe the different factors involved in a story’s perspective and how they are likely to … read more »